Aiace Rusciano | Psicologo dello Sport e Neuropsicologo per atleti, aziende, professionisti
Dr. Aiace Rusciano | Psicologo dello Sport ed esperto in Neuroscienze Cognitive applicate al miglioramento della salute, di performance sportive e prestazioni professionali di atleti, società sportive, manager e aziende
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The result of my job has improved health, sports and business performance benefits can be obtained with:

  • BrainEnhancementMental Coaching

    • Test sessions
    • Monitoring and neuro-psycho-physiological interventions with professional players and management
  • NeuroPsychology and
    Forensic Consultation

    • Visits for panic attacks, phobias, work-related stress
    • Medico-legal assessment for insurance purposes, civil, sport and criminal court justice
  • Industrial and
    Applied Research

    • For individuals, clubs or corporations about performance development
    • Neuro-technology research in many areas
  • Conferences

    • On improving cohesion, stress management, team working
    • Oriented to increase neuro-productivity of companies and teams

Neuroplus® Lab

As director of neuro-physiological Lab and licensed neuro-psychologist in Sport Clubs, I apply the Neuroplus® Lab: a methodology and advanced technology — non-invasive and non-pharmacological — to improve health, sport performance, creative and management skills, diagnostic report for medico-legal purposes through the evaluation of the human
nervous system activity.

Applying the method Neuroplus® Lab, my group will optimize the performance with real results for individuals, athletes, corporates and teams:
> improved physiological reaction to stressors, fatigue and pressures;
> emotional control in critical moments;
> improved concentration, focus and strategic memory;
> communication, persuasion and negotiation skills;
> injury prevention and central recovery;
> sleep quality


Based on cognitive and neuroscience techniques applied to improve health and performance, the Neuroplus® method uses the most innovative technology for evaluations and treatments for recovery, healing and performance enhancement:

  • qEEG,
  • Psycho-physiological Stress Profile,
  • Biofeedback and Neurofeedback,
  • Electro-acupoint,
  • Behavioural analysis of Facial Movements,
  • Eye Tracking,
  • Psychometric Profiling,
  • Behavioral Analysis,
  • Rating Index Objective of risk-corruption in company or team,
  • Doping vulnerability in sport,
  • Medical-legal report in civil and criminal justice.

The scientifically validated effects (see Neuroplus article), with Neuroplus® Protocol on professional soccer players, corporates and professional athletes, are:

  • significant increase in the reaction times, perception and visual exploration,
  • increase the decision making (speed and accuracy),
  • improvement of the physical condition and self-perception,
  • greater resilience and physiological adaptation in various physical and mental stress conditions,
  • improving health,
  • greater number of days of training or work during the sports season,
  • fewer muscle injuries and sick through personalized program.

The core of Neuroplus® method are the results, my experience in professional sport environment, expertise in applied neuroscience to sport that I gained in the direction of neuro-psycho-physiology laboratories as AC Milan – Milan Lab Mind Room/PSY Division 2.0 and Neuro Lab of FC Chievo Verona.

Professional Assignments

Compare onself to prestigious and complex issues is a challenge,
an incentive to improve and to ask themselves new targets.

Serie A

I projected and developed Ac Milan - Milan Lab 2.0 Mind Room/Psy Lab and Neuro Lab of AC ChievoVerona with neurocounseling interventions for players, coaches, managers.

Professional Sport

Psychologist and physiologist for national and international athletes as Moto GP, cycling, tennis, basketball, golf and other disciplines.


Talent management, selection and increased performance, stress management for manager and companies as Adidas, Audi, Confindustria, Gatorade, Nutrilite, Sec Servizi.


Lecturer in courses, workshop, seminars and conference at University of Padua, Verona, Venezia and Trieste. Collaborations with CNR of Marseille.