Aiace Rusciano | Aiace Rusciano | Clinical and Sport Neuropsychologist
Aiace Rusciano | Neuropsychologist for athletes, club, managers and companies to improve performance, manage panic attacks and work-related stress
psychologist, sport psychologist, neuropsychologist, sport performance, mental coach
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Everyone is the maker
of their own destiny.

I train the psychological and neurophysiological responses
of athletes, manager, creative, teams, young and old people
to improve their health, achieve goals and be happy everyday.
Click here. This is why I do what I do.
The names are sounds that prove our identity from childhood. I like thinking that the famous and glorious Ajax, Achilles' cousin, I inherited, by the name, perseverance and self-determination. The confidence in the personal ability and skills to exceed difficulties and outdo yourself, has always animated me in achieving professional goals — psychologist and mental coach for high sport performance, consultant and trainer for corporate management — sports — master, Italian champion athlete and blue karate — and personal — husband and Electra's dad.
One of the most important benefit for human potential development in sports or leadership is the health: I'm one of the main testimonial of the application of non-invasive and neuro-modulative techniques in health and sport to promote the efficiency of self-regulation and adaptability of the nervous system. The synthesis is Neuroplus®, the method that I created and registered: after an instrumental evaluation, we apply a personalized treatment to improve the neuro-psycho-physiological functions of the people. Following the experience as director of Neuro-psy Lab in Clubs of Serie A, as neuro-psychologist using bio-medical advanced methods and technologies (qEEG, autonomic reactivity, Bio and Neurofeedback) in Milan and Verona, I apply Neuroplus® methods for patients, athletes, managers, adolescents and elderly. I am lecturer in national and international seminars and courses in the sport neuro- psychology, applied neuroscience to health and performance, football and youth sectors, corporations, amateur and professional sports in general, as well as criminology and forensic psychology.

In a few words, what I am and
what I can do for you.

Licensed Neuro-Psychologist

Member of the Society of Applied Neuroscience, PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from the Trieste University. I’m an expert in clinical and sport neuropsychology and psychophysiology, in forensic psychology [License n. 7200].

I thank my masters in Cognitive Neuroscience such as Prof. Sartori (Padua University), Prof. Umiltà (Padua University), Prof. Kropotov (Russian Academy of Human Brain Science ) and in the field of psychological consulting, NLP, hypnosis and cognitive-behavioral techniques applied to sport and corporation such as Dr. Demichelis (Sport Psychologist), Dr. De Benedittis (Milan University) and Dr. J P Messerman (chiropractor).

Advanced technical skills

Expert in monitoring with applied neuroscience techniques as brain imaging (qEEG), behavioral analysis techniques (Eye Tracking, FACS System, video analysis, physiological monitoring) and neuro-training techniques (Neuroplus, Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Electro-acupoint) in clinical, sports, business and forensic field.

Member of Medical Staff in professional football clubs in the first league

Neuro-Psychologist of the first team and director of FC ChievoVerona Neuro Lab since 2010.

Coordinator of FC Milan Mind Room / Psy Division 2.0 since 2013 to 2015.

Scientific advisor e sports consultant

I was the director of Ac Milan Milan Lab – Mind Room/Psy Division 2.0.

I project human performance sport labs. Consultant for the promotion of health , efficiency in neurophysiological monitoring and mental efforts of athletes such as Honda MotoGP, cycling, tennis, basketball, martial arts, swimming, golf and soccer.

Consultant and business coach

Our intervention are in team building, performance improvement and stress management for top management, creative and business departments of companies such as teams of Adidas, Audi, Gatorade, Bank of Vicenza, Confindustria, AC Milan, AC ChievoVerona, Gatorade, Nutrilite, Sec Services and others.

Expert in Forensic Psychology

Expert in Forensic Psychology in the civil, criminal and sport justice.

Please contact me to schedule an appointment, submit any questions, collaboration requests or to start a project with Neuroplus® method.